Since 1995, Agora has worked with companies and individuals to design and deploy innovative content management, and other applications. Agora participates in every step of the process:

Planning and Concept Development

Design and Implementation

Deployment and Operations

Agora delivers knowledge and experience gained from developing hundreds of applications and web sites serving millions of users for dozens of organizations, from individual entrepreneurs and startups to the Fortune 500.


President and Founder Jonathan C. Soo started Agora as a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the dawn of the commercial World Wide Web. Agora quickly became a leading resource for technology companies and publications looking to establish a presence on the Internet.

Since then, Agora has developed a set of tools, applications and techniques that has allowed it to respond quickly to the technological and social evolution of the Internet. While Agora's focus remains on developing innovative content management systems, it has gradually expanded that focus to include user generated content and social networking applications.


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